Hello! I'm Sandy Clough

And I invite you to step into the world of Sandy's Tea Society - a place of encouragement that I have created just for you. Do you long for lasting friendships with hearts that are kindred to yours? Would you feel more confident if someone would share easy and inexpensive creative ideas for decorating and entertainment with you? Sandy's Tea Society will encourage you with a "you can do it!" attitude and help you develop and maintain friendships around cozy cups of tea. We are joining women together in small groups nationwide and beyond and creating a friendship community here online as a place where we can connect with one another and inspire each other with graciousness, hospitality, kindness, and creativity.

I am sharing part of the book I have written, "Sandys Tea Sandy's BookSociety - Delighting in Friendships Steeped Love" here and you will see how the characters I have created help us all by sharing their acts of kindnessexpressions friendship recipes creative ideas. Ruby, Lillian, Suzette, Laura, Claudette and Gloria are uniquely different from each other yet probably not so different from you. As they draw into their world, you find your heart is there with them.

You can also read a chapter from "When Friends GatherWhenFriendGatherForTea For Tea - Pouring Out Love with Tea and Kindness". This is my second book about Sandy's Tea Society. I invite you to see how Gloria, Suzette, Claudette, Ruby, Laura, and Lillian use their tea parties to show kindness to others. You will also find out what a "secret sipper" is!

Already across the United States women are using the encouragement and ideas they've received from Sandy's Tea Society to invite new and old friends in for tea. They have invited us to join them by sharing their creative ideas, recipes and heartfelt friendship stories. They want to offer you the joy they've found in sharing tea and invite you to become a part of Sandy's Tea Society.

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