A Christmas Tea with Thee

(bottom left to right) Kathy Bunce, Faye Kitchens
(middle left) Allison Carroll
(top left to right)Gwen Hicks, Cindy Brunson, Donna Meeks, Shahin Serat

It was a Christmas Tea Party. We called it a "Christmas Tea With Thee". Each guest came wearing a Christmas hat either they had bought or made trying to win a prize for the BEST Hat.

The house was decorated inside and out with hanging icicle lights, wreaths, candles and lots of mini white lights. Making the house bright and very cheerful!


Icicle lights surrounded the outside of the House. On the back deck we had a Christmas tree on each side of the French doors with blue lights on them. Why blue lights? Because that is what my husband, Ray, put on them. Out by the hot tub we also had a tree which had white mini lights on it. Down by the steps an angel statue holding a lantern lit the way. Inside, the living room was lighted with candles glowing, a lighted wreath on the mantle, a lighted garland draped across the front of the mantel. Both of these were filled with butterflies, white birds and white ribbon with silver designs and white tulle running through the garland. Beside the fireplace was a 6 ½ foot Aspen tree. It was also covered in hundreds of little white blooming lights, large bow at the top, silver beads draped around the tree and silver ornaments covering the tree. The table was covered with a white tablecloth with silver and gold running through it. The decorations on the table were two tall gold angel candle holders with white candles, a crystal candle holder with three silver candles and greenery running along side of these. A gold table runner was placed down the middle of the table. Three mini gold pillows wrapped as presents were placed against the candleholders. Gold (candy) coins were tossed over the table. Just outside is the front porch which was decorated with candles on the banister of the porch, a Christmas tree in the middle of the window so that you could see it from the inside, a blanket throw draped across the swing with pillows. With the icicle lights going around the whole house, this really looked homey and inviting.


  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Chocolate decadent cake
  • Petite fours
  • Mine éclairs
  • Orange balls
  • Cheese straws
  • Divinity
  • Raspberry thumbprints
  • Chicken salad
  • Egg salad
  • Rolls
  • Cheese ring with crackers
  • Tea
  • Hot apple cider

As each guest arrived, they came with gifts for the hose (ME)! Not necessary but I loved it! After everyone had arrived that was able to make it, Shahin started brewing the tea. Not tea bags the "real thang" (that's what they will get when I make the tea). She is from Iran so we got to taste tea from another country. Everyone fixed their plated with lots of goodies and Shahin served the tea in teacups with saucers. It was so much fun, "doing the girl thang"! Shahin also made an Iranian dish called, KoKo Sibzamini (potatoes, eggs, onion, salt and pepper).

Everyone loved it!

We all talked a bit over our goodies. Shahin told us of her culture and their way of life. She has been in our country for many years but still is concerned for family and friends in Iran. We all were so interested in what she was sharing with us. She made some new friends that night and that is what a tea party will do. It brings you closer together and new friends are made and lives are shared.

We decided who had the best hat. Kathy won. Her son helped her make a hat that lit up. It was better than the rest of our "store bought" hats. She won a gift of cookies in a jar which she gave to her son.

As each guest left, they picked a gift out of the gift basket and opened it. Each lady was delighted to have something different. They also fixed a" to go" plate to take home to their families. I always tend to over do with the food.

We all had a wonderful evening enjoying each other and the pretty decorations. You might say, "A good time was had by all."

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