Mother / Daughter Tea
Left to right: Caitlin Curran, Courtney Raffaeli, Marissa Giraudo,
Whitney White, Quin Dermer, Maggie Dezendorf, Kirsten Hilbert.

Hosted by Ann Dezendorf

Please note: The photos used for this article are from another Mother/Daughter tea attended by the same Girl Scout troop.

The following Mother/Daughter Tea Party was received from Ann Dezendorf in Petaluma, California.

A girl's club, consisting of eight girls ages 11 and 12 years old, meet twice a month where they learn to cook, sew and do craft projects. They also collect food, blankets and clothing as well as raise money for the homeless. They also take field trips to places that teach them about the environment, government and other places that will help them build their skills to become independent adults.

The girls, along with their mothers, met on a Thursday night at a local ceramics shop in Petaluma. Each mother and daughter was given a white ware (unglazed ceramic) cup and saucer. The girls each chose glaze colors and designed their own cup and saucer as a gift for each of their mothers and the mothers also participated by designing and completing a cup and saucer as a gift for their daughters.

The ceramic shop completed the process by "firing" the decorated cups and saucers. The raw glazes look very different in color before the white ware is fired. The finished teacups were picked up from the ceramics shop in about a week and taken home to be made ready for their "first tea".

One of the girls and her mother hosted the tea at their home just before Christmas. Invitations were sent to each girl requesting that they come "dressed up" in their prettiest dresses and bring along a Christmas dessert to share. The hostesses for the tea decorated their home for Christmas, gathered up many different types of teas and collected some novel teapots to use.

The tea party began at 6:30 p.m. and as the girls and their mothers arrived each one looking so beautiful and elegant, they were most surprised to see their tea cups for the first time. Each person had signed and dated their creations and some had added a special note. The designs were wonderful - so creative and personal! When each person had found her "cup" they all sat down at their place and "traded" their cups with each other - mother to daughter and daughter to mother. All the cookies, cakes, breads and even cream puffs were put on Christmas serving trays and the girls were in charge of serving the desserts to the mothers. Everyone compared and traded recipes and discussed their favorite flavor and types of teas.

When desserts were finished, an instant photo was taken of each mother/daughter in front of the Christmas tree and then each girls was given the materials to put together the keepsake photo into a small golden frame to make an ornament to remember their Christmas tea!

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