"Eye Love You" Tea


Left to right (front): Kathy Gower, Pat Dominguez.
Left to right (back): Julie Bledsoe, Mary Massey, Kathy Johnson,
Darlene Enz, Wanda, Jean Moore, Carmen Suter.


Hosted by Sherry Styles

It seems that in our busy society we forget to let others know how much they mean to us. So, I asked five friends to invite one person that they wanted to love on to come to the "Eye Love You" Tea Party.

Some of us decorated our own discount sunglasses to reflect our personality and then we bought glasses for our guests and hot glued candy hearts onto them.

The menu was easy: grocery store foods. I did order pink bread from the bakery to make pimento cheese sandwiches cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter and garnished with an olive circle. The egg and chicken salad was spiced up with dill and some horseradish. No one knew it wasn't homemade. A chocolate cake mix baked, frosted and frozen was easy to cut into hearts and strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate are always a hit! Bakery cookies, Currant and Five Roses Tea rounded out the menu.

We all had fun wearing our glasses and taking pictures. Each one shared a special thing a friend had done for them, so there were a few tears too. After sharing, we went to work with stencils, colored pens, stickers and stamps to create valentines to mail to a prisoner or friend.

Each guest received a pansy plant to take home, dressed in a flower shaped bag.

We met new friends, laughed, and remembered how important friends are!

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