Queen of Hearts Tea Party

We had our first tea on August 26, 2003 at my home (Sandra Wilson). We honored one of our members (Pam Wilbourne) son, Kyle, who recently joined the Marines and her Spirits really needed a lift. We bought her special gifts such as note cards, little books of encouragement, a journal, and other special things to keep her busy and remind her that we are all here for her!

My theme for the tea was "A Groovy Summertime Pool Party Tea". I decorated our sun room with a pool theme including bright colored dishes, fresh flowers, sand and shells, and beach sandal framed place cards. Also, darling candles made like old-fashioned "Beach Ladies".

The menu consisted of crab and spinach quiche, chicken salad croissants, sweet potato ham biscuits, marinated veggies, fresh fruit kabobs with coconut rum dip, pink lemonade and raspberry ice tea. Each "Queen" was given a bright colored summer straw hat, large funky sun glasses and a gift bag of special friendship goodies.

After having lunch in the sun room, we went "Splish-Splashing" in the pool. After our fun in the sun, it was time for afternoon tea in our Victorian gazebo. Tea consisted of scones, key lime and raspberry moose tea tarts, miniature cream puffs and beautiful rose garnished sugar cookies. Tea was served in a darling "Frog Tea Set". A GREAT TIME was had by all "QUEENS" and we can't wait for our next tea!

The Queens of Heart Tea Society

Sandra Wilson Betty Bareford Pam Wilbourne
Vicki Rodriguez Pat Johnson Peggy Ruziak

P.S. We picked our name "The Queens of Heart Tea Society" because we all have "Big Hearts" and enjoy helping others…not to mention that we all think we are "Queens"!

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