A Teddy Bear Tea Party

A Teddy Bear Tea Party was enjoyed by the SpecialTeas Tea Party members of Palm Coast, FL. with all members bringing a homemade recipe to the first "TeaPotLuck" party where everybody participates by bringing food. Kathy Aurelia held this tea party at her home. The front door was decorated with a sunflower sap bucket filled with sunflowers and a Sunflower Boyd's Bear attached. A large planter of silk sunflowers were beside the front door giving a sunny welcome.

Each member brought her own teddy bear and told the story about why the bear is special to her, how long she has had it, and who the bear will be left to.

The dining room table was decorated with a yellow gingham table cloth, tied at all four corners with a large green tulle bow and sunflowers. The centerpiece was made from a Boyd's Bear Doll, Whitney, holding a tea pot and her little bear, Wilson holding a tiny tea cup and saucer. Sunflowers surrounded the centerpiece along with sunflower candles. Several Boyd's Bears resin figurines were also displayed on the table, including a music box of Whitney and Wilson, playing Tea for Two.

Each member brought a "covered dish", some of the foods enjoyed were: Carol's scones and cream; honey; Arlene's chicken puffs; Shirley's egg salad sandwiches cut in teddy bear shapes; Sandra's tea cakes and lemon sauce; Gloria's brownies, teddy bear grahams, teddy bear cream filled cookies.

Favors were: a teddy bear mini gift bag filled with teddy grahams, teddy sandwich cookies, teddy bear tissues; mini package of honey; and a poem: "May we never be too old to play dolls, love teddy bears, play dress-up and set the table for tea"

A close-up photo was taken of each member holding her teddy bear. Kathy is keeping an up-to-date photo album of SpecialTeas tea parties and tea room visits.

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