Friends Forever Tea

Cindy Jeric
Twinsburg, Ohio

Hostess, Cindy Jeric felt that life is filled with work and responsibilities and occasionally you just need a little "play" in your life ~~ like a tea party, What a better way to get a glimpse of the bygone days of the Victorian Era than with a Birthday Tea Party?

The invitation was sent to the local (Ohio) ladies who filled out a questionnaire that was sent to them along with their 40th High School Reunion invitation in 2000. One of the questions asked on that questionnaire was for their birthdates and since I organized this reunion, I was able to find all the females born in 1942 and then sort on the "birthday" field. From there the inviting began. For those that did not fill out that column - really missed out!

In September, I held a Victorian Tea at my home in Twinsburg, Ohio to experience the elegance of the Victorian Era and to celebrate the birthdays of classmates born in 1942 ~~ and Graduated in 1960 from Garfield Heights, Ohio. Nineteen ladies arrived wearing favorite dress and carrying their favorite teacup. Many wore garden hats. One graduate came in full Victorian attire down to the plumes on her black velvet hat. The favors I had were different color votive candle holders that held a doily and tea bag and I also had wrapped homemade chocolates that were made from a teapot and cup and saucer candy mold.

The most unusual savory sweet was a homemade cake in the shape of a teapot. You can see from the picture it was almost to pretty to cut. The other sweets we all shared were a variety of things that each guest brought. The main menu consisted of Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches, Mandarin Orange Salad, Small Assorted Quiches, and little Cucumber Sandwiches.

The music played in the background was that of harp and piano, rather than the music of Elvis Presley or Frankie Avalon. Even though the black and white yearbook photos show fresh, hopeful faces under beehives, flips and bouffant hair do's when we got together it was like 1960 all over again.

Who are FOREVER FRIENDS? To me, they are classmates from high school! Even though decades pass and lives change, we still continue camaraderie. We had a wonderful time of fun and sharing. Whil drinking tea and enjoying tea sandwiches and savory sweets, we talked and learned more about each other. The discussion was so interesting listening to the women share their thoughts and dreams; yes, dreams. You're never too old to dream! It took this tea party to realize we need to be a part of each other's lives. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a new era for us!

I feel that God has furnished my life with treasures and it is truly a wonderful blessing to spend special time together with FRIENDS FOREVER!

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